why finance360 - what makes us unique

Our Purpose Explained & Defined

 Finance360 empowers you on the path to achieving Personal Mastery for Financial Mastery in a holistic and balanced manner for long-term well-being, success and sustainability in every aspect of your business as well as other aspects of your life. 

Finance360 is unrivalled in its service offering, has a unique and ground-breaking, holistic,  tailor-made and fit-for-purpose approach to looking at your finances. 

We engage, educate and empower you to balance what’s behind YOU and YOUR NUMBERS.

 This is the where you will find the answers you need to everything that keeps you awake at night. 

After all; you are your business and your business is you. 

You are Your Business & Your Business is You

We empower you on everything you need to re-engineer your finances and every related function for efficacy, efficiency, compliance, accountability, and governance, in the most human way possible; so, you can achieve success, profitability, happiness, and value for every single stakeholders in your business.  Then you can focus on getting on the business of your doing business! 

So, you can be best version YOU! and thus your business; which is an extension of you. 

Not perfect; that's boring; and unhealthy, and not human; I maintain that a 90/10 rule should apply in all we do.

However, point of order, when it comes to your FINANCES it should always be 100% in balance, in integrity, transparent, accurate and reliable.

Number are Truth  + Trust. & Transparency. BALANCE!

The Language of Business

 The language of business is understanding the numbers. 

More importantly, what’s behind them. 

Going behind the numbers; unpacking the story behind each number, it where the true opportunities for improvement and sustainable growth can be harnessed, and where the risks can be identified, prioritised, and measures take to either accept risk, mitigate it, and/or put in the right controls depending on your risk appetite, impact an likelihood of the risk etc. 

Going behind the numbers; unpacking the story behind each number, you get to see every person, system, control, process, policy, procedure behind every number.

You get to see if what you doing and where you spend actually makes sense/cent$. 

Going Behind the Numbers

Going behind the numbers, brings better sanity, sustainability, stability adds and really creates value for all stakeholders. 


So you can build on your brand promise. Build TRUST. 

And TRUST is everything in any and every relationship in our lives. 

The elixir to life are experiences. Experiences of self-others-planet-universe.

So how are you experiences life and relationships? Whats your trust quotient?

Are you living a life, and leading an organisation that just monotonous, mediocre and meaningless OR mindful and meaningful?

Finance360 will engage and empower you to shift your financial consciousnesses transition and transform your self and your business. 

Financial Consciousness Steps

  1. AWAKEN your consciousness of self - others - business  - finances - ecosystem
  2. ALIGN your WHY - who are you; whats your real purpose and passion 
  3. ACKNOWLEDGE your inner  strength, talents, abilities and uniqueness  - your X FACTOR - and feel empowered
  4. Change your ATTITUDE to everyone and everything  that matters to you and your purpose-passion-path
  5. Help you ACQUIRE information you need to drive innovation and change and transformation
  6. Allow you time and space ASSIMILATE this knowledge and make informed, responsible decisions and choices with the right intention and motivation
  7. Bring AWARENESS of the who-what-why-when-how in your organisation
  8. ASSESS what you are doing is making cent$-sense 
  9. ACTION  what you need in the right time-space sequence in a conscious and mindful way
  10. Empower you ADJUST , ADAPT, and ACCOMMODATE change and transformation as and when needed to feel comfortable with who you are and what you are doing.

Finacial Health & Well-Being

Your Financial Health & Well-Being is inter-related and inter-linked to every single aspect of your life.

 The balance between your HEAD-HEART-HAND and your MIND-BODY-SPIRIT is achieved when you are working with the laws of nature. 

When something somewhere in your physical, mental, emotional, social, ethical and spiritual balance is out of sync or unhealthy; your bank balance will be out of sync. 

 When last did you review your own income statement, balance sheet and cash flow?

 Where are you in surplus/overdraft/deficit and why? What are you doing about this?

Where are you making the regular deposits/withdrawal of your time, efforts, and energy and is it making sense/cent$?

When last did you take stock of yourself?  Do a self-audit?  A deep dive?

This process takes character, courage, compassion. Its about allowing yourself to be totally vulnerable,  returning back to your true, authentic, unblemished, untouched, untainted, unsullied sense of self - going back to your roots -  breaking all boundaries - going out of bounds.

I have done this; and continue to challenge myself to be a more balanced version of me;  and WE can do this together!