ALBERT EINSTEIN (a genius and someone I truly admire for so many reasons), who was the German-born physicist who discovered the theory of relativity mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2, which has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation", and who received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his services to theoretical physics warned, 

"The political-economic-social laws of man MUST obey the physics-chemistry-biology laws of nature: "the laws of man must obey the laws of nature, or man will not survive". 

So, what is the LAWS OF NATURE mean for me? 

And what does this mean to you?

And how it is relevant to the Finance360  finance philosophy and psychology of human nature and numbers?


Let me explain what it means to me. Nature wants us to just be human; and my purpose is to put the HUMAN back in Business; most especially in the Finance Function.

HUMAN BEING = for me it means:

HUMAN = Honesty + United + Mindful + Attitude of Gratitude + Non-violence

BEING = Are you a being? 

Or are you just acting? Doing? 

Are you living with feeling? 

With thinking? 

With consciousness?

With Purpose? 

With Passion? 

With values?

With Authentic Power?

Are you acting with the right intention and motivation? 

Are your words-actions-deeds aligned with your values?



Mental patterns, Mental Atmosphere, is fundamental is achieving joy and happiness in every aspect of life - personal and professional.

What you think about expands - manifests - your mind must be open to everything, attached to nothing, face your fears, review and reconcile your memories from all your experiences, so that you  are free - free to use all your senses and experience life - your purpose - that anything and everything is possible - AND this holds true, and is the key to unlock your finances as well.


Mental Health, Emotional Awareness, Ethical Capital + the Balance People-Profit-Planet is top of the agenda of every leading and trusted organisation around the world. 

It is the top priority of the United Nations, UNICEF, spiritual masters, actors and artists, the Royal Family of England, every human being trying to uplift human consciousnesses and the moral compass of society. 

So, it’s not just logic but the essence and elixir of life and every relationship, absolutely essential for self-well-being and global well-being.


Financial Consciousness

Financial consciousness takes character, courage, commitment, consistency, capacity, capability, conscientious, and a conscience to say, do, and act in an ethical, compassionate, transparent and accountable manner. 

However, It is the only sensible, sustainable solution to better connected self and world, and will bring you long lasting success.   


It Re-Engineering your Finances and Transforming your Business for focus on not just 

EBITDA = Earnings before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY

EBITDA  = Earnings with Balance Integrity Transparency Discipline and Accountability © 

Financial Fitness & Yoga

Financial Yoga©, its principles and philosophy are timeless and universal. 

Its the UNION of you-everything-everyone- i.e. every stakeholder.

Financial Fitness is achieved through several easy, practical tools and techniques, like the ancient practises of Yoga. 

Like your body, your mind, your relationships, with self and others, your business, your relationship with your entire ecosystem, and especially your finances requires:

  • Consciousness
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Conviction
  • Compassion
  • Concentration
  • Capability
  • Control
  • Focus
  • Discipline

How do WE do this Together

Simple Yet Profound Tools & Techniques.

 This is easy to do if you understand your WHY - WHY are you in business? For what Purpose?

Then need to get BACK TO BASICS, i.e. 

Understanding, Re-Aligning, Re-Engineering your PERSONAL and BUSINESS

Strategy + Structure + Skills + Standards + Systems + Synergy + Streamline + Saving


Personal & Financial Stability + Simplicity + Sustainability = Sophistication 


Finance360 empowers you to transform your business by re-engineering the structure, systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or to achieve measurable improvements in performance, profitability, aligned to your purpose, increasing STAKEHOLDER VALUE & TRUST in you and your business.