What is Financial Consciousnesses - FACTS & FIGURES

Financial Consciousness, Financial Fitness & Yoga© is integrating and uniting yourself, your personality, your purpose, your passion, and your principles to the rest of the business to achieve real value, success and sustainability for every stakeholder, as well as the planet.   It is the conscious inclusiveness of everyone and everything in your business.  A complete, collaborative,  celebration of collective and compassionate inclusiveness of every stakeholder, the intention, motivation of decisions, the cause and effect and consequence of what you are making: on  yourself - your employees, your customers, your suppliers, your shareholders, every stakeholder, the entire ecosystem, including our common home - the planet.  

A Formula of Financial Consciousness = 

  1. 25% Intellectual Intelligence +
  2. 25% Emotional Intelligence +
  3. 25% Ethical Intelligence  +
  4. 25% Spiritual Intelligence (whats in your spirit i.e. your inspiration; your in-spirit-ation). 

Financial Consciousness is the awareness & ability to connect, collaborate, co-operate, co-exist, with yourself, and each and every stakeholder in your ecosystem and feel a sense of belong to everyone and everything of the planet. A sense of collective inclusiveness of all  stakeholders for overall health and well-being. It is being open, flexible,  inclusive; thinking, acting and doing business beyond your boundaries; going out of bounds. Financial Consciousnesses is mindfulness and making sense/cent$ of every interaction, every experience, every relationship, every transaction. 


Everything has matter. And everything matters. Matter is energy.




Money is means. And money means something. Money is Magnetic. 

It can elicit the deepest of emotions. It brings out our hearts most secret inclinations into the light.


You need to therefore understand where you are putting your time, efforts and energy and why you are doing this, in order to get the results you desire. For cash flow; for success, for overall balance and well being in every area of your life.

Money is a transaction, and exchange of energy, a relationship, with a cause and effect; and as such must operate within the laws of nature: Truth. Integrity. Compassion. Joy. Inclusiveness. Harmony. Balance. 

Not everything is black and white or can be controlled; there are so many variable in every single exchange. 

Not everything can be controlled; there are so many variables in life, in relationships, in every transaction. 

The only constant is that everything must operate within the laws of nature.


  • When you sell a product/service is has a cause and effect - for the seller and buyer and his ecosystem
  • When you buy a product/service it has cause and effect - from the source all the way to the supply chain, to the consumer and beyond
  • When you use a product/service is has a cause and effect - for you and those around you
  • When you borrow money is has a cause and effect - for the borrower and lender - what is the source of these funds?
  • When you lend money is has a cause and effect - for the borrower and lender - how is this money spent?
  • When you use other people funds; public funds, taxpayers funds, it has a cause and effect
  • When you capture a financial transaction is has a cause and effect - for everyone involved in the process - is it done accurately?
  • When you produce a set a financial statements it has a cause and effect - for not only shareholders but every stakeholder - is it relevant and reliable?
  • When you invest in anything is has a cause and effect - what are you investing in and why?
  • When you get into a relationship with someone there is give and take account which goes beyond money - and this has a cause and effect, especially if the relationship ends
  • When you have children - there is a cause and effect - do you understand what is involved in having a child on every level, not only financially?

So you need to understand the motivation/intention behind every financial choice, decision & transaction before this will affect the outcome - what you put in - you will get out!

There is a chain reaction to every single transaction; starting with your thoughts, intention, your motivation, your reasons, your attitude, your actions, your conscience and much more, so many intangibles = your consciousness.

I was so fortunate to learn about money energy, money values and practices, principles from my Dad.  My Dad was born in South Africa, his parents were migrants from India who came over with a suitcase and dreams for a better future.  My Dad was a serial entrepreneur, self-made businessman, with no education, who had nothing but everything i.e. universal values in his DNA: character, courage, compassion, conviction, confidence, a great attitude, determination, a passion for people and well-being of planet.  

From a business standpoint he provided a unique customer service experience like no other business I have seen, and he empowered others to start their own businesses - not just by mentoring and coaching, but with financial support to start their own businesses. He taught people how to catch the fish. This was so natural to him.  He never felt threatened by competition, for he truly believed in, and was enthusiastic about the success of others as well as his own. For him business and money was a like a game. He came from nothing; and will go into nothing when he left the stage of life, and so he lived his life fully, had faith in himself and the Universe, went through ups and downs with grace, not judging any experience, was crazy about his family, and on the journey of life; not on end results, but how you got there. 

Dad used his studies as a monk for over 10 years, his amazing personality and creative talents and skills to build an empire, whilst always ensuring a balance between materialism and spirituality, ensuring he empowered others, and always gave back to community. He lived the monk mindset whilst still being a human being. All our lives we were surrounded by monks; who often stayed at our home. Their way of life and life skills have always stayed with me.

As I reflect on my life, I realise that I have always lived by my Dad's philosophy and it is in my DNA. I also learnt from my fantastic mentors and all my amazing and very senior Audit & Finance roles in Europe and SA + running my own highly successful businesses in USA and in South Africa + and my formed my own life, business and finance philosophy = they are all the same; married together; after all, I need to be me no matter where I am and what I do. 

I combined all of my personal and professional experiences, education and expertise and used my philosophy very courageously in my own businesses, and every company I part of over the last 30 years. I ensured that, I audited and balanced not just the books; but went above and beyond the call of duty, to balance the ethical and human capital as well - putting people first always - as they ensured the best customer service experience - this led increase in revenue, and thus profit and cash flow = simple formula for success and sustainability. 

My Finance Philosophy has helped me find calm in the chaos, challenges, curve-balls in any and every business I worked for or owned over the last 30+ years; i.e. balance not just the books; but put back the human back in business. This is something you cannot put a price on.  And this phenomenon is gaining momentum all over the  planet. 

Irrespective of - background, profession; race, religion, culture, caste, creed, colour, gender - authentic, inspirational leaders around the planet - from all walks of life - are changing and transforming the world to raise levels of consciousness - as this is all that matters. 

Consciousness = a union of your individual  unique identity to inclusiveness to communities-countries-continents-planet-cosmos.  Experiencing the entire cosmos within you; and experiences what is not part of you as yourself.  

Just look at this list of human beings just being human; and their journey, and their impact and influence on the planet:

  • His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Sadhguru
  • Louise Hay
  • His Holiness The Dalai Lama
  • Archbishop Desmund Tutu
  • President Nelson Mandela
  • Albert Einstein
  • Thuli Mandosela
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Babra Streisand
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Tyler Perry
  • Trevoh Noah
  • Charlize Theron
  • Jack Ma
  • Indira Nooyi
  • Bernard Arnault
  • Richard Branson
  • Margaret Hirsch
  • Jay Shetty
  • Robin Sharma
  • Michelle and Barack Obama


The purpose and passion of these absolutely awesome authentic human beings,  whose voices have made my heart smile, whose messages have resonated with my soul, and whose visionary work is  simply out of bounds , demonstrate to us by their words and actions - HOW TO BE HUMAN. 

AND what you will notice which makes cent$ is that every single person has Authentic Power = Mind Power = Money Power. Their vision is border-less; bound-less and goes beyond boundaries of any kind.

Financial Consciousness, is inspired by my life journey and by my circle of visionaries, it is grounded in over 1000 of years of philosophy, psychology,  anthropology, science,  medicine, art, yoga, is simply: 

CHANGE & TRANSFORM your MINDSET, work within the laws of nature,  and see what happens to YOUR UNIVERSE, including your FINANCIAL UNIVERSE, and the collective consciousness of the PLANET and BEYOND.

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ALBERT EINSTEIN (a genius and someone I truly admire for so many reasons), who was the German-born physicist who discovered the theory of relativity mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2, which has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation", and who received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his services to theoretical physics warned, 

"The political-economic-social laws of man MUST obey the physics-chemistry-biology laws of nature: "the laws of man must obey the laws of nature, or man will not survive". 

So, what is the LAWS OF NATURE mean for me? 

And what does this mean to you?

And how it is relevant to the Finance360  finance philosophy and psychology of human nature and numbers?


Let me explain what it means to me. Nature wants us to just be human; and my purpose is to put the HUMAN back in Business; most especially in the Finance Function.

HUMAN BEING = for me it means:

HUMAN = Honesty + United + Mindful + Attitude of Gratitude + Non-violence

BEING = Are you a being? 

Or are you just acting? Doing? 

Are you living with feeling? 

With thinking? 

With consciousness?

With Purpose? 

With Passion? 

With values?

With Authentic Power?

Are you acting with the right intention and motivation? 

Are your words-actions-deeds aligned with your values?



Mental patterns, Mental Atmosphere, is fundamental is achieving joy and happiness in every aspect of life - personal and professional.

What you think about expands - manifests - your mind must be open to everything, attached to nothing, face your fears, review and reconcile your memories from all your experiences, so that you  are free - free to use all your senses and experience life - your purpose - that anything and everything is possible - AND this holds true, and is the key to unlock your finances as well.


Mental Health, Emotional Awareness, Ethical Capital + the Balance People-Profit-Planet is top of the agenda of every leading and trusted organisation around the world. 

It is the top priority of the United Nations, UNICEF, spiritual masters, actors and artists, the Royal Family of England, every human being trying to uplift human consciousnesses and the moral compass of society. 

So, it’s not just logic but the essence and elixir of life and every relationship, absolutely essential for self-well-being and global well-being.


Financial Consciousness

Financial consciousness takes character, courage, commitment, consistency, capacity, capability, conscientious, and a conscience to say, do, and act in an ethical, compassionate, transparent and accountable manner. 

However, It is the only sensible, sustainable solution to better connected self and world, and will bring you long lasting success.   

Financial Fitness & Yoga

Financial Yoga©, its principles and philosophy are timeless and universal. 

Its the UNION of you-everything-everyone- i.e. every stakeholder.

Financial Fitness is achieved through several easy, practical tools and techniques, like the ancient practises of Yoga. 

Like your body, your mind, your relationships, with self and others, your business, your relationship with your entire ecosystem, and especially your finances requires:

  • Consciousness
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Conviction
  • Compassion
  • Concentration
  • Capability
  • Control
  • Focus
  • Discipline

How do WE do this Together

Simple Yet Profound Tools & Techniques.

 This is easy to do if you understand your WHY - WHY are you in business? For what Purpose?

Then need to get BACK TO BASICS, i.e. 

Understanding, Re-Aligning, Re-Engineering your PERSONAL and BUSINESS

Strategy + Structure + Skills + Standards + Systems + Synergy + Streamline + Saving


Personal & Financial Stability + Simplicity + Sustainability = Sophistication 


Finance360 empowers you to transform your business by re-engineering the structure, systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or to achieve measurable improvements in performance, profitability, aligned to your purpose, increasing STAKEHOLDER VALUE & TRUST in you and your business.