Financial Consciousness & Education

What is Our Legacy?

 Varsha's message: “In our political, social and economic climate, it is a extremely challenging and difficult agenda but I remain committed to my purpose and mission: lets balance our books; but also focus on finding a balance between people, profit and the planet.” 


1. Increasing financial scandals across the world; in order manipulate share prices

2. Even more worrisome is that financial scandals not detected/overlooked by auditors

3. Increased levels of fraud & corruption in the ecosystem

4. Increased and concerning levels of poverty & unemployment

5. Absolutely shocking levels of abuse and violence towards woman and children

6. A lack of a proper, free and holistic education system for all

7. Increased levels of mental health issues: fear, anxiety, stress and depression

8. Decline in universal morals, in ethics, lack of compassionate leadership

9. Increasing levels of equality and discrimination

10. Lack of respect for mother nature; our planet, our only home

Financial Education


Every HUMAN BEING must LEAD themselves first,  WITHOUT ANY TITLE.

 Every Human Being is a Leader- Let us Just be human!

The DNA of a conscious, courageous, compassionate human being is what we need in every person, irrespective of colour, creed, caste, custom or culture.

Varsha Parbhoo is a social entrepreneur on a mission to improve lives, especially those of woman and children, through finance education. 

She is passionate and determined to empower women and children in Africa to become economically self-sufficient through financial literacy, so that they empowered and emancipated, can live a life of dignity, with choices, hopes and dreams.

My goal is to thread a need through the fabric of the financial education system in SA and stitch the lives of women everywhere through financial awareness; thereby educating, empowering one child, one woman at a time, one family, one home, one business, one community, one  country, one continent - for a more sustainable and socially and economically emancipated Africa - that is in balance with the Cosmos - our collective Home.

Going behind the numbers

 Varsha is using her life experiences to raise the importance of financial consciousness:

  • My maternal and paternal grandparents were immigrants and came over to South Africa with nothing but a suitcase and dreams, courage and character.
  • I am the first-born girl child in a home, whose parents whose were extremely poor, not highly educated, but they were born entrepreneurs; who taught us the value of education, respect for money, most especially the importance of balancing materiality with spirituality. 
  • My fathers’ message to us daily was educate yourself, be independent, so you can always take care of yourself no matter what the circumstances. You will have choices, the ability to hope, dream, and experience the world. 
  • My father studied to be monk for 10 years; but could not pursue this due to family circumstances, but lived a monk mindset and brought this into his business, in every relationship, whilst still being human - he had character, conviction, courage and compassion.
  • Growing up with both parents running several different businesses, being exposed to the dynamics of what goes into being an entrepreneur from a child to running her own businesses successfully using the principles she learnt as a child, as well as her finance, audit and governance education and experience.
  • 30+ years of studies and a unique skill set of experience working in Europe, The USA, South Africa, in various roles, as a Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and Chartered Secretary – the holy trio of finance + audit + governance.
  • A woman in very senior finance roles, especially one in a male-dominated society, and profession, working in SA, Europe, USA. An exciting and rewarding career for over 25 years in finance, as well as business owner-operator in several industries, including SME and listed international companies, where she was a change-agent, transforming mindsets and businesses, shifting the financial consciousness of organisations, driving the agenda of balancing not only numbers, but people-profit-planet.
  • Her own personal experiences and self-discovery over the last 20 years, to find her truth, her real purpose, something impactful and meaningful, led her back to her father’s childhood messages and what he practised throughout his life because of his monk mindset: 

  1. Educate yourself and you will be independent; free to make choices, dream and live with dignity
  2. Balance your materiality with your spirituality; and give back to others
  3. Learn to adapt, adjust, accommodate to changes
  4. Be good, do good, be kind and compassionate.
  5. Respect the planet. 

Your Relationship with Money

 For me, NUMBERS represent Balance, Truth, Trust & Transparency.  1+1=2 in any language, anywhere in the Universe. 

Numbers transcend colour, caste, creed, cultures. So it always added up, always made sense to me. Plus there is a debit and credit to every transaction; a balance, and I love that; action and reaction, cause and effect.  Finance flows with the laws of nature.

 Your relationship with money starts at home, at the dinner table, it is where we should be educating and engaging your children about values, life experiences, talking and sharing their feelings, how to deal with challenges, educate them about finances, the world. 


Your job as a parent, caregiver, is not just to help your children grow up and find a job, but guide them on finding what’s meaningful and brings them true happiness. 

Every relationship, including that with your finances, must be in accordance with the laws of nature; balance; based on truth, trust, transparency.

Then you will have flow, harmony, peace, love, the ability to withstand change, challenges, curve-balls, crisis, chaos.  Life is filled with ambiguity and uncertainty; but finding your balance, you will have a strong foundation to be yourself, face any situation. 

When you are able be open and honest about who you really are, what you want, as an individual, and as a family, your purpose as a family, your purpose in business, your purpose in your ecosystem, your purpose on the planet, then you will also have healthier relationship with yourself and your finances. You will feel at home with yourself and your finances.


Money is Matter and Money has Energy. 

You need to be aware of this, work consciously at understanding your relationship with money. 

Financial Capital = Human Capital = Spiritual Capital + Intellectual Capital + Emotional Capital ©  

  1. So, what was your money message growing up?
  2. How did your parents talk about money?
  3. How does your family discuss money? 
  4. What are your money values? 
  5. What’s your partners relationship with money? 
  6. How is money discussed in your home?
  7. What do you tell your children about money? 
  8. How literate are you? and those around you?
  9. What does your family income statement, balance sheet and cash flow look like? Why?
  10. Do you feel at home with finances? do you have financial freedom? 


Oxfam International recently released its annual report that gives shocking insights into the world's inequality. While extreme poverty is on the decline globally, it is increasing in Sub-Saharan Africa. Here at home, South Africans living in poverty increased from 27.3 million people (53.2%) in 2011 to 30.4 million (55.5%) in 2015. 

39% of South Africans between the ages of 15-34 are not educated/employed. This is not acceptable. 

Also, given women’s lack of collateral and resulting lack of access to capital, and the fact that most SA families go to bed hungry, homeless, and are struggling with basic human needs of food, clothing, shelter, what are we doing about this?  We need to create jobs; so people can at least have the dignity of fundamental human needs.  You cannot learn on an empty stomach.  Every child needs to grow up with these basic human rights, safe and secure, and be educated in a holistic manner.

Financial education is a MUST and MANDATORY for every human being - after all - without money - you cannot afford anything: food, clothing, a home, education, healthcare, savings, i.e. the ability to live a happy and healthy balanced life...the ability to hope and dream. 

Once we work on these basic human rights, one person at a time making a difference, then we will see a fundamental shift in the consciousness of our country. An awakening of the self, mindfulness, emotional awareness, a sense of purpose not only about making profit, but about truly and genuinely showing compassion for people and creating a planet where there is mutual understanding, acceptance, connection to everything and everyone. I belong to you; you belong to me. 

Mother Theresa said: A woman's love is in action. She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes. A woman is the bank where her family deposits all anger, worries and hurt. A woman is the cement that keeps her family together and her love lasts a lifetime. 

Varsha believes we need to deposit our time, money, efforts in empowering, and educating woman and children; using a holistic approach, giving them human dignity, hope, a life with purpose, passion, enable them to discover their true authentic power and potential. 

Let us start my making a change in the lives of one child at a time. Start with self-family-home-village-community-schools-business-government-country-continent-planet-cosmos and beyond. 

Financial Education & Empowerment for Economic Emancipation


My social entrepreneurship passion and purpose is focused on Financial Education & Empowerment of Women and Children.

Education , including Financial Education is a MUST and needs to be:





EDUCATIONS IS THE KEY TO AFRICA'S challenges: Without Education, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs. No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated. 

  My desire is to change and transform our education system to include mandatory courses like: entrepreneurship,  yoga, meditation, hygiene,  manners,  housekeeping, cooking, budgets and finance, world history, the mind, the body, relationships, parenting, emotional awareness, spirituality, human rights, music, dance, theatre, nature walks. For every person to understand what it is to be human i.e.  study of the self and relationships with others as well as the planet and live according to the laws of  nature. A holistic education that transcends just the focus on intellectual intelligence to cover pure intelligence - identity, memory,  the universe within you and outside of you - an education that unleashes the conscious, but also subconscious and unconscious mind, body and spirit - enabling you to use your head-heart-hand for a higher purpose.

Nelson Mandela said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another."


 Financial Education is key as money matters; and my experience and experience and education in Finance + Internal Audit + Governance - the holy trio of self and business and government – provides a unique and unconventional perspective on your finances and business.



You need money for your basic human needs - food, clothing, shelter, for education, for health, to live a life of dignity, to have the luxury of choices, to hope to dream. 

Every woman and child need and deserve these basic human rights; and I am a committed champion to the cause of FINANCIAL EDUCATION FOR WOMAN FOR ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL EMANCIPATION.

MONEY MATTERS = mind matters – self matters - family matters – community matters – business matters – planet matters – everything starts with self. 

 “In our political, social and economic climate, it is a extremely challenging and difficult agenda but I remain committed to my purpose and mission: lets balance our books; but also focus on finding a balance between people, profit and the planet.” 

 Varsha Parbhoo; Founder & CEO o f Finance360

Education, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment

Varsha Parbhoo, a South African born and bred entrepreneur empowering other women entrepreneurs to find their personal and financial power for economic and social empowerment and emancipation.

Every woman must live a life of dignity, be able to have the freedom of choice, movement, freedom to think, to feel, to live with hopes and dreams. To live a life filled with passion, purpose, love & balance.

For so many women, real socio-economic independence can only be obtained when financial freedom is achieved. But that freedom is only gained through knowing how to manage finances and make them work for you, in life and particularly in business. That’s where entrepreneur and finance expert Varsha Parbhoo, founder of Finance360 comes in. 

Varsha teaches  entrepreneurs (especially youth & woman) not only to know their numbers and to use that critical financial information to ensure business sustainability, but more importantly to know themselves, understand who they are, find their inner X-Factor, their mojo, their inner magic, their WHY, and  in doing so, find the balance in every area of their lives. 

Everything we do interrelated and interconnected; financial fitness is linked to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fitness. You must have balance is all areas; the moment something is off somewhere; it shows up in you and your business and thus your finances. 

Numbers tell you a story; it the GPS in your business- it tells you where to go - where to look - what is happening - why -when - how; so you can mitigate potential risks and threats but equally look at areas of improvement and harness opportunities.

My focus has always been on my own Education; but not just on IQ. It’s just a number; measured at a point in time and has no real value. 

The human mind and the world have evolved, and we can no longer just focus on IQ. 

We need to awaken our senses, change our mindset, shift our consciousness, look a good hard look at our own balance sheet and the world around us. 

We need to focus on our mental, ethical, emotional, physical, social, spiritual intelligence, for self-well-being and for global well-being.

Varsha's Background Story

 I am the first born girl child in a home where my parents were not highly educated, but they were born entrepreneurs; they taught us the value of education, values, a sense of ethics, respect, responsibility, great attitude, perseverance, courage, and love for mother nature. And equally important how to MANAGE MONEY, as well as the importance of balancing materiality with spirituality. 

My father raised me very unlike traditional families, and treated me equally, it did NOT matter that I was a FIRST BORN GIRL. My parents message growing up was EDUCATE yourself, so you can BE INDEPENDENT, so you can have choices, hopes, dreams, and get to experience the world. As such, all three of my sisters and I are qualified Chartered Accountants; all living a purposeful and meaningful life; living to the values we were raised by. And my one and only brother, a serial entrepreneur, learnt the family business from a child, started his own business at the age of 20, and 20+ years later has taken over Dads legacy. Surrounded by 5 woman all his life, he understands how to treat woman, it starts with respect and honour for mother and sisters. His first-born child, is also a GIRL. And so the legacy continues. My work is dedicated to my nephew and niece, my inspiration, my two angels, who make my heart smile and sing with joy.

I have dedicated my life to Financial Education, Empowerment & Entrepreneurship so that every child in Africa and beyond can live a life with financial freedom, with the dignity of choice, with hope and dreams.

Your upbringing, your environment, your values shape you. We live by values no matter what: respecting our parents, deep sense of family unity, respect for our environment and planet. Your childhood experiences shapes all your choices about who you are, what you do, how you do it, AND especially your decisions around your FINANCES. 

My passion and determination is to empower women and children in Africa to become socially and economically self-sufficient, emancipated, through financial literacy, so that they can live a life of dignity and hope; fulfil their dreams. 

You need money – MONEY MATTERS - to put food on the table, for clothes, shelter, then only can education come into the picture. After all, you cannot learn on an empty stomach; or think or feel.