The Language of Finance is Universal


The Art & Science of Finance Workshop will FIRE YOU UP!!!

FIRE = Financially Independent Responsibly & Ethically.


 We find ourselves in the most challenging time in our history and the world, especially in Africa, and we need to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.  A sense of individuality combined with a sense of inclusiveness.  


The Art & Science of Finance Master Class is a Fusion of Numbers - Nurture - Nature 

It combines Logic with Science & the Laws of Nature.


The Art & Science Master Class Program that will equip, encourage, engage, enlighten and empower women and children with the practical skills, techniques, methods needed to create businesses and enterprises by first empowering themselves.  It allows you to:

+Really and truly understand yourself,  who you are (your X Factor) ...your personality

+Your unique talents and abilities - your passion

+What does the world need - your purpose

+How you can earn a living from doing what you passionate about - your prosperity.


+ Compelling Finance Master Class Workshops that will engage and empower entrepreneurs and/or every person in the organisation to think, behave and act like owners. 

+ Challenge every human being to be human; to raise their personal and professional game.  

+ One-on-One mentoring/coaching for business owners and/or entrepreneurs that feel stuck, or not sure where to start.

Finance360 WHY US

This is a unique, finance revolutionary program that encompasses:

1.+Finance education and literacy FOR MENTAL, SOCIAL, POLITICAL & ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT & EMANCIPATION. So that every human being can live a life with dignity, choices, hopes and dreams.

+Critically engaged with the entire ecosystem: individual-home-village-community-companies-government-country-planet-cosmos.

+A world-class holistic finance, audit and governance education that balances mind-body-soul with the head-heart and hand.

+Raising the awareness that the Balance People-Profit-Planet must be topmost agenda of every leading and trusted organisation,  and compassionate as well as ethical leaders around the world. 

+Living and working by universal values and a culture of inclusiveness, integrity, respect,  compassion, accountability, transparency, truth, and trust.


 MENTAL HEALTH and the WELL-BEING OF THE PLANET is the top priority of the United Nations, UNICEF, spiritual masters, actors and artists, the Royal Family of England, every human being trying to uplift human consciousnesses and the moral compass of society all over the planet. 

It backed by medical and scientific data. So, it’s not just logic but the essence of life. 

Emotional + Ethical + Spiritual Intelligence is what’s needed for self-well-being and global well-being.

If you want different results/outcomes; you cannot do the same things; its madness = Albert Einstein philosophy = which makes perfect cent$.

So start by investing in yourself and your business and all your relationships, especially with your finances, will automatically start to find the balance. 

ACT NOW, and together, we will find the fun and happiness in your personal and professional life, in your organisation, in your journey.