THE ART & SCIENCE OF FINANCE master class workshop

Designed For Everyone: The Language of Finance is Universal

The Art & Science of Finance Workshop will FIRE you up.

FIRE = Financially Independent Responsibly & Ethically.

We find ourselves in the most challenging time in our history and the world, especially in Africa, and we need to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.  A sense of individuality combined with a sense of inclusiveness. 

The Art & Science of Finance Master Class is a Fusion of Numbers - Nurture - Nature 

It combines Logic with Science & the Laws of Nature.

This master class is for everyone - YOUTH - ENTREPRENEURS - SMEs - ORGANISATIONS - NGO's - of any size, nature or complexity  as the The Language of Finance is Universal .


The Art & Science Master Class Program that will equip, encourage, engage, enlighten and empower women and children with the practical skills, techniques, methods needed to create businesses and enterprises by first empowering themselves.  It allows you to:

  1.  really and truly understand yourself,  who you are (your X Factor) - your personality
  2. your unique talents and abilities - your passion
  3. what does the world need - your purpose
  4. how you can earn a living from doing what you passionate about - your prosperity

Varsha is hired to deliver:

+ Compelling Finance Master Class Workshops that will engage and empower entrepreneurs and/or every person in the organisation to think, behave and act like owners. 

+ Challenge every human being to be human; to raise their personal and professional game.  

+ One-on-One mentoring/coaching for business owners and/or entrepreneurs that feel stuck, or not sure where to start.

Finance360 – WHY US – this is a unique, finance revolutionary program that encompasses:

  1. Finance education and literacy FOR MENTAL, SOCIAL, POLITICAL & ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT & EMANCIPATION. So that every human being can live a life with dignity, choices, hopes and dreams.
  2. Critically engaged with the entire ecosystem: individual-home-village-community-companies-government-country-planet-cosmos.
  3. A world-class holistic finance, audit and governance education that balances mind-body-soul with the head-heart and hand.
  4. Raising the awareness that the Balance People-Profit-Planet must be topmost agenda of every leading and trusted organisation,  and compassionate as well as ethical leaders around the world. 
  5. Living and working by universal values and a culture of inclusiveness, integrity, respect,  compassion, accountability, transparency, truth, and trust.

MENTAL HEALTH and the WELL-BEING OF THE PLANET is the top priority of the United Nations, UNICEF, spiritual masters, actors and artists, the Royal Family of England, every human being trying to uplift human consciousnesses and the moral compass of society all over the planet. 

It backed by medical and scientific data. So, it’s not just logic but the essence of life. 

Emotional + Ethical + Spiritual Intelligence is what’s needed for self-well-being and global well-being.

If you want different results/outcomes; you cannot do the same things; its madness = Albert Einstein philosophy = which makes perfect cent$.

So start by investing in yourself and your business and all your relationships, especially with your finances, will automatically start to find the balance. 

ACT NOW, and together, we will find the fun and happiness in your personal and professional life, in your organisation, in your journey.


Finance360 The Experience: SIMPLE yet PROFOUND Philosophy

The Master Class is designed for Children, Youth, Entrepreneurs, For all Organisation of any Size, Nature & Complexity - after all - The Language of Numbers is Universal.

Varsha doesn’t just “give speeches or just mentors or coaches”; she designs and delivers tailor made, fit- for-purpose experiences that engage your audience with:

  • Her energy and passion for education, especially financial literacy for youth & woman to empower them for economic, social, political emancipation
  • Empowering finance and non-finance professional on the finance fundamentals; more importantly what is behind the numbers
  • Self-mastery; committed to daily practices to master the mind for inner peace and balance in all relationship - self-others-planet.
  • The Mind-Body-Spirit and Head-Heart-Hand connection
  • Importance of linking Purpose to a Payslip
  • Expertise in finance, audit and governance; the holy trio of any organisation no matter what the size, nature of complexity; combined with her own personal and professional experience working in Europe, USA and SA
  • She is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and Chartered Secretary with over 30 years of experience; bring back the human in your business. Business is in her DNA.
  • Ground-breaking medical and scientific research from around the world; from people from all professions - business leaders, spiritual leaders, politicians, actors, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs - every human being inspiring a collective consciousness in every aspect of life.
  • Actionable, practical advice, hilarious stories and moving tributes. It’s one thing to talk about finance but showing you FINANCE IS FUN, demystifying finances, making you feel at home with yourself and your finances - explaining the art and science of finance - is a unique skill and talent that Varsha possesses. 

Why work with Finance360

Hiring the right speaker, trainer and coach is an extremely important decision. Varsha has worked with leading companies in South Africa and Europe over the last 30+ years.

She is uniquely positioned to deliver the finance, audit and governance message to audiences from all backgrounds, in all industries because her work focuses on what makes every business successful; linking purpose to passion to performance to people to profit to planet. Its a holistic approach.

Varsha's ground-breaking, unique, holistic training on Compassionate Leadership - universal values - balancing Head-Heart-Hand will re-engineer your entire life.

Not only does the finance master class empower your to know your game – know your numbers – know your story behind your numbers; but it highlights and raising the awareness most important subject of human, emotional, ethical and spiritual consciousnesses.

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The Art & Science of Finance Master Class Workshop Objectives & Outcomes

FINANCE360 = A holistic understanding of your business PERFORMANCE WITH PURPOSE 

Our service offering in helping understand your numbers, know your business and getting Investment Ready and much more.



  1. Develop  self-confidence so you can talk about any aspect of your business;  especially your finances. Explain their impact on business finances and interpret key facts. Understand financial terms and confidently discuss issues that affect company finance
  2. Understand what you “don’t know you don’t know”  so you can break through whatever is holding you and your company back.
  3. Greatly improve your strategy, vision, business model design and management skills using a holistic approach, a robust, comprehensive and practical systems.
  4. Develop a thorough grounding that illustrates  how an entrepreneur could be both effective and efficient in the management of business funds, for optimal profitability, wealth maximisation and value creation. 
  5. Better insights into what working capital, cash flow management, the financial statements of a company means from a  “non-financial expert” point of view, explained in easy to understand      financial language.
  6. Interpret and become more familiar the three key financial statements: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow.
  7. Plan, Implement and Monitor a Budget, Forecasts,  Re-forecasts, Variance Analysis, ROOT CAUSE analysis – why why why.
  8. Understanding of profit and cost drivers to improve cash flow – customer refunds, sale discounts, marketing costs vs hit rate, accounting fees, audit fees, legal fees, fines and penalties, hidden costs procurement, full transparency and visibility in production,  environment (cost of labour, materials,  overheads), true understanding of every aspect of the business is in every  number in your income statement and balance sheet.
  9. Business process workflow analysis and optimisation.
  10. How to appropriately price your product or service, for all stakeholders’ satisfaction.
  11. Improve your company’s market position, sales and barriers to entry.
  12. Drive your risk and capital needs down.
  13. Use frameworks for better management, leadership and employee development
  14. Create a culture which is consistent with the company’s strategy, mission, value proposition and brand.
  15. Systems and policies for constant feedback,  accountability and managing by the numbers (KPIs) to enhance management leverage.
  16. An executive education program including self-development, reading, seminars, conventions, leadership training and development and other skills appropriate to the business purpose and  objectives.
  17. Improve manager performance, and in return productivity, well-being, driving better sales; customer satisfaction –  it’s a chain effect.
  18. Increase average tenure of the top people who need to grow professionally to move up and stay long-term.
  19. Increase ability to attract top people who see a career path, not just a job
  20. Avoid political issues and group think by using an outside vendor who has no other interests or focus and can manage the mandate.

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FINANCE360 - why work with us - varsha parbhoo - the experience

1. It’s All About Your Purpose & Passion

Varsha is one of the most powerful female finance speakers you will find because she knows how to stir passion, inspire action and genuinely move people. 

It’s not about Varsha, it’s about you, your client and your audience.

 She’s passionate about making a difference and it comes through on and off stage.

 Her commitment is simple: serve you and do whatever it takes to make your event memorable and a success.

2. Customised Content & Service

Varsha doesn’t deliver “one-size-fits-all” content or talks and she always brings new ideas and concepts to the table. 

She’ll work with you to craft a program that works perfectly for your event agenda. 

She will apply the same curiosity, rigor, and preparation when working with you by conducting industry research and weaving in relevant brand and event theme.

3. Deeply Inspirational Learning

 Regardless of the size of your event, Varsha spends as much time in the audience as she does on stage. 

She uses peer-to-peer coaching exercises and interactive real life audience examples to drive audience engagement. 

Her fearless, inspiring and fun approach loosens up your audience, accelerates connection and deepens experience because your audience will be  entertained, engaged and empowered.

4. A Human Being committed to Being Human

Varsha is just aspiring to be human, understanding fully well the challenges human being face everyday. 

She has worked in a male-dominated industry and profession all her life. She is usually the only woman in senior finance role on the board of directors made up of 10-15 men on average.

She will diversify your event line up and is used to holding her own as she understands the male-female dynamic.

She has worked with over 25 nationalities and embraces diversity. She shows a belonging to everyone and everything and thus can inspire audience effortlessly.

5. Motivation & Actionable Takeaways

Varsha has mastered the ability to turn complex, complicated topics into relevant and memorable soundbites. 

More importantly, she jam packs her keynotes and masterclasses with experiences, tactics, strategies and a framework that delivers life and financial advice your audience will remember and be motivated to apply immediately.

6. Relevant & Relatable Personality

 Varsha is an Africa woman, born and bred in South Africa, lived abroad for 10 years, but in back home; committed to driving change and innovation in the African continent.

She will greet your attendees with a big warm smile; handed joined in Namaste - a sign of respect and reverence to self-others-universe.

She’ll work with you to make the entire experience a breeze, work hard to accommodate your requests whenever possible, and attend receptions and/or networking sessions that involve your attendees, sponsors and clients. 

7. Riveting Real Life Stories

There’s nothing more compelling than a TRUE, vivid story that reminds us of the magic of the entrepreneurial experience, and Varsha is a powerful story-teller, she speaks from the heart and having had a difficult but rewarding journey the audience always associate with the struggles she faced personally and professionally, and overcame.

8. Breathtaking Facts & Visuals

Varsha drives home her message with quality presentations, strong custom facts, figures, adding new and fresh content and research. 

She brings home the message with using her positioning and her unique blend and background, experience and expertise in finance, audit & governance.

She understands the power of learning through story telling and with the power of her team behind her, she will assist in making your event look and feel more professional, more engaging, more impactful, more meaningful.

9. Full Support

Varsha is always truly excited to be a part of your organisation and event.

The proof is in the way she engages audiences before and after as well as the marketing and promotion of FINANCIAL EDUCATION AND EMPOWERMENT she drives for the event from all her internationally recognised and acclaimed professional platforms.

If there’s something she can do to make your job easier, your clients happier, or your audience more satisfied – just ask.

10. Audience Experience

Varsha delivers the goods on and off stage. 

Audiences consistently rate Varsha as an excellent speaker and as “the highlight” of the event. Once you hear her speak, you’ll want her back.  She is genuine, open, and relatable. She  is a down-to-earth human being, who speak from her heart. 

For the keynote or development finance training programs that everyone can truly embody, that is meaning and impactful, book Varsha.