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About Founder & CEO Varsha Parbhoo CA CIA ACIS

I am an African woman; proud of it, as well as a Global Citizen living by the universal values of compassion, joy, kindness, inclusiveness, love, respect for everything and everyone, especially Mother Nature, and our collective home; the Planet.

I am proud of my heritage, and all my experiences both personal and professional, have shaped me into finding myself; working on self-mastery, harnessing my creative talents and abilities, and my true passion and purpose, using this to serve a higher purpose. As such, I am committed champion to make a difference to the worlds concerns, focusing on issues such as Hunger & Poverty, Health, Equality, Human Rights & Education. 

As a professional, I am a performance with purpose driven Chartered Accountant (with a Master’s Degree in Accountancy), Certified Internal Auditor, and Chartered Secretary, who is very passionate about compassionate ethical leadership, finance process excellence, strong internal controls and corporate governance. 

My unique experience in senior finance, audit and risk management functions which spans over 30 years, working in private equity, SMEs and multinational listed companies across Europe, USA and South Africa, allows for a holistic understanding of the business, the ability to identify areas of improvement and growth, provide pragmatic advice, work with diverse range of people and ultimately drive the business forward. These opportunities have further groomed me into someone with a great attitude, a winning spirit, strong values, & a very positive disposition. 

A passionate social entrepreneur, using my experience and expertise on a mission to improve lives, especially those of woman, through finance entrepreneurship, education and empowerment. All businesses, small and big, are citizens of the world. You need to ensure you have a meaningful, impactful purpose. Purpose is linked to Profit and People. Work for a Purpose. Work with Purpose. Live with Purpose and Passion. Everyone needs a purpose behind their pay check. What is yours? 

I am sharing my purpose and passion of authentic finance and personal mastery and partnering with you on your personal and business journey to empower you to achieve long-lasting sustainable growth, happiness, joy, success and excellence in every area of all your life. You need to balance yourself first, take stock of yourself, before you even make shifts in your business and other relationships. balances numbers are quite easy; it’s your own balance that is key to your success. 

You are your business and your business is you. so SELF MASTERY is key to FINANCIAL MASTERY.

At Finance360 the focus is on Financial Consciousness i.e. Re-Engineering your Finances, in a human and holistically manner, for long-term Security, Stability, Sustainability & Success.

Finances tell you about every single thing about every single aspect of yourself and your business. 


"Show me where you spend your money; and I will tell you where your priorities lie".

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Executive Profile: Founder & CEO: Varsha Parbhoo CA CIA ACIS

Extensive Practical Expertise & Emotional, Ethical Awareness and Experience You Can Trust

  • Chartered Accountant (with a Master’s Degree in Accountancy), Certified Internal Auditor, Chartered Secretary. Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Business is in my DNA; I was born and brought up in South Africa, amongst amazing, visionary entrepreneurs; i.e. my parents and rest of my family.  My family came with nothing to our amazing country; but had a dream, and combined with survival instincts, spirituality, and skills, which they used to build their homes, business and community.
  • My values from childhood were: great attitude, a winning spirit, perseverance, a positive disposition, performance driven, results-orientated, but also always ensuring I keep my balance through spirituality i.e. an attitude of gratitude, live to serve a higher purpose, and respect the planet. 
  • My parents message - daily to all of my siblings - EDUCATE yourself - you will the have choices, be free to live a life of hope, dreams, and experience the world. As such my 3 others sisters are also Chartered Accountants and my brother is an amazing entrepreneur. 
  • From an early age, I developed a passion for business and what makes them tick. And not just numbers, but what is more profound for me was the alchemy of the story behind the numbers.  Its here that the true essence of a business can be found and harnessed.
  • For me, Numbers represent Balance, Truth, Transparency.  1+1=2 in any language, anywhere in the Universe. Numbers transcend colour, caste, creed, cultures. So it always added up, always made sense to me. Plus there is a debit and credit to every transaction; a balance,  and I love that; action and reaction, cause and effect.
  • Trust is my core value. Trust is the primary and most critical currency of any relationship; personal and professional. TRUST is the cornerstone in a home, community, in business, in a country and amongst countries. With TRUST comes respect, understanding, compassion. Its the foundation that cements everything and everyone. 
  • My unique experience and expertise in senior finance, audit and risk management functions which spans over 25 years, working in private equity, SMEs and multinational listed companies across Europe, USA and South Africa as well as the fact that I filled various diverse roles, i.e. Business Owner-Operator, Accountant, Internal Auditor, Consultant & CFO, allows for: - a practical, holistic understanding of the business - the ability to identify areas of improvement and growth - provide pragmatic advice - work with diverse range of people and - ultimately drive the business forward.
  • I am an individual with absolute focus on continuous improvement of the business, who is not content with the status quo, with a relentless and resilient approach to service improvement facilitated by strong finance business partnering, AND most importantly customer focused. Everything we do must be to WOW our customers!
  • I thrive on finding calm in chaos = increased complexity, curve-balls, constant changes & challenges can create crisis and chaos in every part of the business; affecting customer service, staff morale, profitability and success. I bring back the balance, in a human and holistic way, so everyone is once again focused, aligned to a common purpose, working in trust, harmony and truly enjoying what they do. 
  • My main focus is getting back to the basics of business: Strategy, Standardise, Simplify, Stabilise your business and finances for Financial Security, Stability, Sustainability & Success. And then you can build and expand and diversify. The sky is the limit; once you have a fundamentals and a sound, solid, secure foundation is place.
  • My focus and core expertise is on business process excellence, strong internal controls and systems and a robust system corporate governance. 
  • My motto = Finance is FUN! I bring back the Human in Finance ©  
  • I find a balance not only in the numbers; but I strive and aspire for Authentic Value:  Business and Financial Power & Worth is directly linked to your Self Power & Worth.
  • I am in constant pursuit of Awareness and Alignment of Purpose + Passion + Principles  + Performance + People + Profit  + Planet ©  
  • I am committed to Financial Education for Girls and Woman for Empowerment, Social & Economic Emancipation; so they can live a life of dignity, with hopes and dreams.  That has been my journey; I did it, and I continue to learn everyday, change and adapt, be a better version of myself; for me, so I can make a difference to our world...AND so can you. 
  • I celebrate African Woman, our heritage, our culture, our stories, our journey, so we can come together, empower each other, and unleash our true potential for a higher purpose. Making Africa the world leader in GDP = gross domestic peace = gross domestic prosperity = gross domestic pride ©  

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