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Successful, Stable, Sustainable businesses is what Africa needs for  the economy grow, create decent jobs and make our country even more amazing.  

A trusted brand is most profitable.

The 5 most important intangible corporate assets are:

  1. Reputation and Image
  2. Brand & Corporate Culture
  3. Customer  Satisfaction
  4. Employee Satisfaction
  5. Stock Market Performance

This is only possible if WE DO WHAT WE SAY WE ARE GOING TO DO.

Big companies and start-up businesses alike have to constantly take the time to re-evaluate their purpose, strategies and objectives to manage these often severe economic fluctuations and re-engineer their people, processes and systems where necessary for stability and sustainability. 

During such times, a holistic, balanced & creative approach to business is needed, particularly when financial institutions have become much more conservative around access to finance, just when you need it most. 

And, just because your business is making money doesn’t mean it’s stable. Stability is the ability to withstand a temporary problem, such as a decrease in sales and profitability, lack of capital or loss of a key employee or customer. 

The language of business is understanding the numbers. Whats behind them. So you can build on your brand promise.

The financial heartbeat of your business is encoded in the numbers. 

Numbers tell a story and are a health check. 

Know Your Game - Know Your Numbers - Know The Story Behind Your Numbers. 

This is achieved through:  Financial Fitness. Or what I like to call Financial Yoga.

Like Yoga; your business, your finances require:

  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Concentration
  • Truthfulness
  • Control
  • Consciousness
  • Integration

Financial Yoga & Fitness is integrating and uniting your purpose to the rest of the business to achieve business performance, value, success and sustainability. 


You need to get BACK TO BASICS, i.e. Understanding, Re-Aligning, Re-Engineering your business:

Strategy + Structure + Skills + Standards + Systems + Synergy + Streamline + Saving =

Financial Stability + Simplicity + Sustainability = Sophistication = SUCCESS

This will help you transform your business by re-engineering the structure, systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or to achieve measurable improvements in performance, profitability, aligned to your purpose, increasing stakeholder value & TRUST in you and your business. 

Assisting you in the ART & SCIENCE of:

Finding true and lasting  Authentic Financial and Personal Power by Balancing:

Purpose + Passion +  Principles + Planning + People + Performance + Profit + Planet. 

So you can focus on getting on the business of your doing business! 

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Our Vision & Mission


Re-Engineering your Finances and Transforming your Business for  EBITA = Earnings with Balance + Integrity + Trust and Transparency + Accountability  ©  

Our Purpose


Assist you in the Art of finding true and lasting  Authentic Financial and Personal Power by Balancing:

Purpose + Passion +  Principles + Planning + People + Performance + Profit + Planet. 

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Better Overall Image & Reputation i.e. Trust
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased Staff Morale, Loyalty & Satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Profitability
  • Increased Stakeholder & Investor Confidence

Services & Solutions

  • Finance Advisory & Consulting
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Interim Finance or Internal Audit Management
  • Finance Innovation, Transformation, Re-engineering (Finance FitBit)
  • Finance Coaching & Mentoring
  • Finance Training Workshops for Finance/Non-Finance Professionals
  • Strategic, Operational, Financial, Cultural Risk Assessment Workshops 
  • Business Due Diligence

who we are - core values

Customer focus



We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, helping find answers to complex problems by bringing practical ideas inspired by insights that deliver tangible, measurable business impact.




We are defined by a focus of delivering consistent quality to our clients and colleagues, regardless of the challenges or hurdles we face individually or as a team.




We earn the trust of our clients and colleagues by reliably delivering on our promises and by acting in a moral and ethical way, regardless of the impact it may have on us as an individual or group 




We believe in developing true partnerships when working together with you. We foster an open and honest environment to support everyone around us.




We seek out and expect our people to find the right work-life balance which gives them the energy and commitment to be the very best they can be.

Think big. Start small.



In line with our corporate values, we share our knowledge with our customers, engage and empower them to ensure they are not reliant upon us. Think big. Start Small. Act now!