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Financial Consciousness = Financial FitBit = Financial Fitness = Financial Yoga = Financial Freedom

Welcome to Finance360

About Us

Our Vision & Mission


Raising the Financial Consciousness of Self - Home - Schools -  Business - Community - Country - Planet

Re-Engineering your Finances and Transforming your Business for focus on not just 

 EBITDA = Earnings before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization BUT ALSO
 EBITDA  = Earnings with Balance Integrity Transparency Discipline and Accountability © 

Our Purpose


Empowering you in the ART & SCIENCE of finding true and lasting  Authentic Financial and Personal Power by Balancing: Personality with Purpose + Passion +  Principles + Planning + People + Performance + Profit + Planet© 


 Balancing Ethical Capital + Intellectual Capital + Human Capital + Social Capital + Emotional Capital + + Financial Capital = WELL-BEING. VALUE. TRUST © 

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Better Overall Image & Reputation i.e. Trust, Transparency, Accountability
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased Staff Morale, Loyalty, Satisfaction & Well-being
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Profitability
  • Increased Stakeholder & Investor Confidence

Services & Solutions

  • Finance Coaching & Mentoring
  • Finance Training Workshops for Finance/Non-Finance Professionals
  • Strategic, Operational, Financial, Cultural Risk Assessment Workshops 
  • Finance Innovation, Transformation, Re-engineering (Finance FitBit) Workshops
  • Interim Finance or Internal Audit Advisory and Consulting 
  • Business Due Diligence

WELCOME to Finance360

Successful, Stable, Sustainable businesses is what Africa needs for the economy grow, create decent jobs and make our continent even more amazing.  

In out of ordinary times we need an extraordinary ways of thinking, behaving and working for the well-being of self - family - business - communities - country - everyone and everything - and our home (the planet).

How do we do this together? 

We understand that the 5 most important intangible corporate assets are:

  1. Reputation and Image
  2. Brand & Corporate Culture
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Employee Satisfaction
  5. Stock Market Performance

More importantly, a TRUSTED brand is the MOST Profitable + the Most Successful + the Most Sustainable and every assets above in dependent on trust. TRUST CANNOT BE BOUGHT WITH MONEY.

Trust is earned, and only is only possible if  you are:

  • Living  consciously and mindful of self-others-planet
  • Living within the  laws of nature and nurture
  • Investing in Energy, Environment and Elements of Self - Business - Others - Planet 
  • Living with universal values of: truth, integrity, joy, love, compassion, inclusiveness, balance
  • Do business with for a higher purpose; with passion for people - Balancing Head-Heart-Hand
  • Doing business in financially conscious manner.
  • Investing in  your organisations Ethical Capital + Intellectual Capital + Human Capital + Social Capital + Emotional Capital © 

Change is the only constant; crisis, curve balls and challenges, are part of day to day lives. But because your mind-body-spirit and head-heart-hand of your business in in balanced; you and your team can manage change in a more effortless manner. 

So, are you and your business in balance? If not, how can your finances be operating like a well-oiled machine? And partnering with the business adding value? How can your balance sheet be healthy? Thus, Financial Fitness & Health; is linked to your Mental + Social + Spiritual + Ethical and Emotional Awareness, Health & Fitness.

In our current political, social and economic global climate, a holistic, balanced & creative approach to business is needed, particularly when financial institutions have become much more conservative around access to finance, just when you need it most. And, just because your business is making money doesn’t mean it’s stable. Stability is the ability to withstand a temporary problem, such as a decrease in sales and profitability, lack of capital or loss of a key employee or customer. 

Big companies and start-up businesses alike must constantly take the time to re-evaluate their purpose (their WHY), strategies and objectives. When you understand your WHY then everything and everyone automatically makes cent$.  The WHY can be found in your numbers. Show me how you spend your money and I will tell you where your priorities lie. 

The financial heartbeat of your business is encoded in the numbers. 

Numbers tell a story and are a health check.

Know Yourself - Know Your Game - Know Your Numbers - Know The Story Behind Your Numbers. 

Finance360  is a full-house, holistic service, with the  ability to assist in any stage of your business; whether you  a start up or evolved business looking for to get investment ready. We have  international investors willing, able and ready to invest in Africa.  

Finnance engages and educates you to understand the fundamentals and the foundation of finance: 

  1. Demystify Finances; Make your Feel at Home with Your Finances: get you excited, enthusiastic and eager to embrace your numbers. Yes initially it can be a mystery, an enigma; but once you start the process, you will find it magical. 
  2. Ethical Intelligence and Leadership - behind every single number is a person. At every person in the organisation is a leader; representing you and your brand. Your people need to think and act like owners; and ethical intelligence is the key to build trust in your business and brand. 
  3. When you go behind your numbers; you will uses all your senses - see, feel, hear, smell, taste - you will get to experience whether everything you are doing - your hard work, energy, efforts - is it really makings cent$?
  4. Basis business processes irrespective to nature, size, complexity of your organisation and to linked this to the holy trio of finances
  5. Key financial ratios - profit and cost drivers, assets vs liabilities, inventory turnover, current assets to current liabilities, equity vs debt and so on. What do they mean? 
  6. The need for a daily due diligence process per function and sync to strategy, purpose, people, values, ethics, governance.
  7. Policies, processes, system, controls in all functions - do they all work in harmony - towards a common purpose.
  8. Company values and how they are linked to its purpose and performance and people.
  9. Finance360 empowers you in the ART & SCIENCE of Finding true and lasting Authentic Financial and Personal Power by RE- ALIGNING & BALANCING your: Personality + Path + Purpose + Passion + Principles + Planning + People + Performance + Profit + Planet. 
  10. Finance 360 BALANCES: Ethical Capital + Intellectual Capital + Human Capital + Social Capital + Emotional Capital + Spiritual Capital + Financial Capital = SUCCESS. VALUE. TRUST. © The holy trio of finances: your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.

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